Thursday, 25 August 2016

Exploring Low Hall Nature Reserve with FOSJP

If you went down to the woods yesterday, you were sure of a surprise indeed: Little Red Ted and his furry friends visited Low Hall Nature Reserve, and lots of FOSJP's youngest members came along to meet them!

We've been hoping to bring you some events for children and carers which celebrate nature and also introduce other local people to our lovely park - Waltham Forest has some of the best green spaces in London but we all know it's easy to just head for wherever is closest...

The wonderful Rachel Summers agreed to guide two sessions for us in the nature reserve, which is between the park and Low Hall Sports Grounds.

Despite only having a couple of days to publicise the sessions, we could have welcomed twice as many children if we'd had the time - good to know that there is lots of local interest in nature events.

Together we searched for Little Red Ted, used our "explorer feet" to clamber over logs along the paths, and concocted 'delicious' magical mud potions and compost cakes, including one very large one to be left as dinner for the Gruffalo, after the children decided he must live close by.

Our adventurers carefully decanted tiny creatures into bugpots for examination, and liberated them lovingly afterwards. Swinging about in the hammock, creating a 'house' complete with found log seats, singing Rachel's new song about Low Hall - it was a brilliant morning in the scorching sunshine.

We hope those of you who came along enjoyed it - what was your favourite part?

If you were interested and emailed but couldn't get a place, we'll be sure to let you know when we do similar events again in the future. To hear more about what FOSJP is up to, get on our mailing list by emailing us at

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