Sunday, 6 March 2016

FOSJP events in 2016

We've been having lots of people ask what's happening with FOSJP - and we're really keen to get things back up and running again!

We're about to set a date for our AGM and we're looking for new active committee members, as well as people who are just keen to be involved in the group as and when they can.

If you're a park user or live locally, and want to contribute in any way, email us at fosjp at yahoo dot co dot uk as we'd love to hear from you! We need a strong committee as well as lots of volunteers to deliver events so any help is welcome.

Suggestions for events and activities in the park so far include:

- exercise classes
- another "Big Lunch" event
- nature walks and planting
- building bug hotels
- lantern parade for Halloween

What else would you like to see happening in the park?

We're looking forward to working with the community and the local council to see just what we can come up in 2016/17! 

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